Test Prep

Test Prep

A higher score could mean more scholarship money. ‘Nuff said! College admission is becoming more and more competitive. And with the cost of higher education on the rise, the return on investment could be big. Give your student an extra edge by investing in ACT® and SAT®/PSAT® test prep at Appleton.

The Appleton Guarantee:  

If you attend all of your sessions, complete all assignments, and follow all of our recommendations, we guarantee your score will improve.  To find out by how much, click the link below.

Find out how HIGH Appleton can IMPROVE your ACT & SAT scores


Test Prep Courses

Our test prep courses teach students the concepts and tips they need to know to get a great score on the ACT or SAT/PSAT. Over a 5 to 6 week period, students will learn the concepts covered on the test, tips and strategies for increasing their score, take 2 practice tests, and meet with the instructor twice to develop a personal strategy for the ACT/SAT.

Key Features:

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Individual Coaching and Development of Personalized Strategy
  • 21 Hours of Instruction and Practice Time including 2 simulated practice tests
  • Appleton Study Guide
  • Fun, Highly Trained Instructors


1-on-1 Test Prep Coaching

If a group class isn't your style, we offer 1-on-1 Test Prep Coaching that is totally tailored to your needs and goals.  We make it convenient by working around your busy schedule...and we'll even come to your house!  Click Here to Learn More.


Emergency Test Prep

Need a boost prior to the big test day? Choose from our ACT & SAT emergency test prep sessions:

Emergency ACT Test Prep 2 hour sessions:

  • Basic Strategies for Success: This two hour workshop is great for first time test takers or students who need a prep refresher.
  • English: This two hour workshop helps students determine how to focus their efforts before the test to improve this content heavy section of the test.
  • Math: This two hour workshop provides students with lots of helpful hands on practice in key content areas of the math section.
  • Reading & Science: This two hour workshop offers advice on the two hardest time management sections: Reading and Science.
  • Writing: This two hour workshop advises students on how to manage a complete, well-formed essay in the short 30 minute time allowed.



Emergency SAT Test Prep 2 hour sessions:

  • Basic Strategies for Success: This two-hour workshop will prepare first time SAT takers with what to expect on the test, as well as provide strategies and ways to approach the test as a whole that will help even experienced SAT takers improve their overall approach to the test.
  • Critical Reading: This two-hour workshop will cover all sections of the critical reading test, including sentence completion and passage based reading.
  • Math: This two-hour workshop covers the multiple choice section and the student response section.
  • Writing: This two-hour workshop covers both the essay and grammar questions.


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