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Appleton Celebrates 10 Years

Sonia Robinson / 2014-12-09

Huntsville Education Startup Celebrates Ten Years

Appleton Learning was founded in December 2004 

Huntsville, AL – Appleton Learning began ten years ago as a tutoring and test prep co... Read more.

For the third time, thank you.

Sonia Robinson / 2014-09-03

Last month, Inc. Magazine announced their highly regarded list of the fastest-growing companies in America. For the third year in a row, Appleton has shared among the rankings with companies such as Under Amour, Clif Bar, Pandora, GoPro, and Tough Mudder.

We wi... Read more.

Update for Alabaster & Pelham Substitute Teachers

Sonia Robinson / 2014-08-08

Important contact information for all Alabaster & Pelham City Schools Substitute Teachers

Current Substitutes please use the following contact information:

Phone Number: 205-721-8776

If you are currently NOT a substitute teacher and wish to learn more about becoming a sub, please call 855-222-0779 for more information or view theRead more.

We're Hiring: Important Employment Information

Sonia Robinson / 2014-08-07

The 2014-2015 school year is underway. Many of our school partners are heading back to the classroom this week and next week. We continue to recruit rockstars to join our team supporting our schools, teachers, and students. APPLY HERE.


Instructional Aide

Special Education Aide

Substitute Teacher

Afterschool Teacher<... Read more.

21st Century Skills for 21st Century Learners

Nick Wilbourn / 2014-06-09

We live in an ever-changing world, one in which the ways we process and engage with information is becoming increasingly digital and the jobs that we hold significantly more dependent upon technology. Today’s youth live in a time where they are surrounded by technology everywhere they go. The... Read more.

What does it mean to professionalize para-educators?

Philip Kovacs, Ph.D / 2014-05-29

Consider your strategic goals for the school year. If student achievement, fiscal efficiencies, and/or managerial improvements are in your plan then professionalizing your non-certified employees may provide you the opportunity to maximize human resources and further impact your success.  


Professionalizing your school support staff means partnering with an organization that specializes in education and human capital management to provide qualified and tra... Read more.

Robotics Summer Camp

Nick Wilbourn / 2014-05-29

Looking for a great way to beat the summer heat? Try robotics!


Now that summer is in full swing, so are summer camps at Appleton Learning. Several of our branches recently began their summer camps including Robotics where students of all ages can learn how to be rock star engineers with LEGO Mindstorms.


In case you’re not familiar, LEGO Mindstorms is a program in which students use software and hardware kits to build cust... Read more.

Genius Training Summer Camp

Sonia Robinson / 2014-05-29

A study skills camp including time management, note taking, and organization.


Professional Athletes don’t just train harder, they train smarter. Think about Appleton’s Genius Training Summer Camp as professional athletic training for the mind. Students will leave this mental workout with tools and techniques that will help them maximize study sessions during the school year, ensuring that time spent “training” for a test or practici... Read more.

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Appleton Celebrates 10 YearsFor the third time, thank you.Update for Alabaster & Pelham Substitute Teachers

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